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I seem to be getting a reputation as a mad-eyed, axe-wielding maniac… at my place of work! This is troubling. Stuff can get out of hand so quickly. A few thinly veiled threats and one suggestion that incorrect filing might result in decapitation… and suddenly I have a new nickname: ‘Annie the Axe’. So unfair!  Obviously, I have made it clear that this name as unacceptable and have instructed the two jolly japesters to re-work it and come back with something cuter and far less threatening. It is a work in progress, the current incarnation being ‘Amanda’. Keep trying guys…

The thing is, it’s not only at work that I have this dubious standing. Friends, who’ve known me forever, seem to think of me on a scale ranging from feisty to dangerously psychotic. How did this happen?

I know exactly how. I used to be quite the angry chick. An angry girl from a long line of angry women, putting up a front and pre-emptivley attacking (as the best form of defence). Feisty, opinionated and unpredictable – an all round joy, in fact.  I’ve put all that behind me now. I am calmer, serene even. I still have opinions but I can express them in a more diplomatic fashion these days. Still feisty though. That’s never going to change  🙂

I’ve worked hard to polish my personality over the years, smoothing the rough edges and hammering down the spiky points, but it seems some people have failed to notice (or perhaps believe in) the changes. However, it amuses me, no end, that my work colleagues think of me as this fearsome creature, even now.  The old me would have just scared them all to death!


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