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The Old New Year

Seasonal felicitations my best beloveds! Traditionally, in Scotland at least, Samhain marked the turning of the year. This makes sense to me since Samhain comes at the end of the harvest period. The crops are in, winter is coming and there is little left to do but batten down and await the spring.

tumshie lantern

We had our Samhain feast on Saturday night, providing the opportunity for a more full bodied celebration than we might have managed on a Monday… Followed by sufficient recovery time before returning to work.

Tonight I have been far more introspective, quietly contemplating the tribulations of the old year and looking hopefully towards the new year to come. I have my plans and schemes, as always, but I think this year I’ll try to live a little more in the real world than inside my head.  It can be damn scary out there but I think it might be worth the risk.

I will continue with ‘Operation Sociability’, which has proved wonderfully successful so far. Also, since my social explorations have bagged me a rather friendly linguist, I shall aim to improve my language skills as well.

I wish everyone, beloved and otherwise, a wonderful new year and a very happy Samhain


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