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floating lanterns

Last night we saw a floating lantern crash into a star. The star flickered out at the moment of impact but both bodies seemed to survive the encounter relatively unscathed…

It was Bonfire night.  Teo informs me (no doubt reliably) that the word ‘bonfire’ derives from the traditional practice of burning animal bones – i.e. bone-fires. It seems feasible to me that such rituals would occur at this time of year. Burnt bones would result, I expect, in a mineral rich ash which, when spread on fields, would help restore the nutrients absorbed by the recently harvested crops.
I burnt no bones, nor fired any fireworks last night. I did, though, attend a small soirée along with some chums.  The music was… variable. However, the company was jolly and the food, homely and plentiful. A good time was had by all.

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