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Shamed by my relative ignorance in comparison to some of my chums, I resolve to start reading up on my country’s history.

I am very keen on pre-history.  My feeling is: if folk were able to write stuff down they were far too modern for my taste.  However, my patchy knowledge of Scotland’s post-neolithic period has been brought home by my inability to engage in some recent debates with chums.  Not in any sensible way, at least.

I know some stuff, of course.  I know about the Wars of Independence – William Wallace is my hero and I practically had the Declaration of Arbroath tattooed on my butt.  However, as with most things, the rest of my historic knowledge is more romantic than factual in nature.  This should and will be remedied.  I have somehow, at some point, obtained a copy of Magnus Magnus Magnusson’s  Scotland: The Story of a Nation.  In the first 12 pages he has succinctly summed up the first 7000+ years of Scotland’s human occupation and I am nearing the edge of my knowledge… until we reach 1286 at any rate.

Chapter 2 is entitled ‘The Romans in Scotland’.  What?  Come now Mr Magnusmagnusson!  We all know that all the Romans ever did for us was build a couple of walls and then sod off to Newcastle to hide out for a few hundred years.  No?  We shall, no doubt, soon discover the facts.  See you in a thousand years or so…

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