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Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis

I love Yule. This is, by far, the best solstice of the year! In June we’re saying goodbye to the sun as we start our journey away from it – towards winter. Now, in December, we commemorate the commencement of our swing back towards spring. What better reason for festivity?

Also, it is an excellent reason for lights and celebration in the darkest days of the year.
I’ve just been out to watch the sunrise…ish. The cloud cover is so thick I couldn’t really see the sun. I walked along the dark river bank, listening to birdsong and the rush of the water. After a while I realised I could see the field on the opposite bank – I surmised that the sun had risen. I came home  🙂
Now for a hearty breakfast – I have a busy day ahead.

Merry Yuletide best beloveds!


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