xmas wish
The other day my lovely new friend Marydoll sent me her kind wishes for the future. Perhaps the spirit of the message just appeals to my Celtic heart but I found the words beautiful, moving and rather stirring.  I want to share them with you too…

May there be change left over after every Bill
May there always be a worthy cause that strengthens your fighting spirit
May you always have Courage to fight the Good fight
May there always be a song that you are moved to sing
May there be Strings, Pipes, and Drums to inspire your dance
May there be a pint, a glass, a Dram, or a mug to lift in cheer
May you Embrace Laughter with a tight group of Friends
May you Vanquish all petty Drama
May your Family be the source of your Strength
May there always be work that animates your Pride
May there be someone who enters your room and makes your heart beat faster, your smile be gladder, and your eyes light with love
May there be a warm hearth for your feet at the end of a long day
May there be a young person who inspires you to remember to feel Childish wonder
May there Always be Learning to keep your mind and wits sharp
And because surely, your cause is always righteous and just and driven by your love of Humanity, May your Enemies be rendered to silence and deafness

Seasonal felicitations to one and all! 


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