I don’t normally make ‘New Year Resolutions’.  I believe that, if some aspect of your behaviour or personality requires adjustment, you should make the necessary changes as soon as you realise the need. To wait until the turn of the year seems daft and rather artificial to me.

That said, this new year comes just at the end of a difficult time for me.  The second half of 2011 was, as I have previously stated, a bit of a shitstorm.  Some of my traumas I’ve already shared with you, other events are known to almost no-one.  However, the cumulative effect was to produce one of the unhappiest and most emotionally gruelling periods of my life.

As I emerge back into the light I’m looking forward, hopefully, to what can really only be a better year.  I’ve learned that, no matter how much I want to, I can’t control every aspect of my life.  I do however, have power over my own reactions and responses to what the world throws at me.  Therefore, I have made some personal resolutions which, co-incidentally, coincided with the new year…

I resolve to strive, in 2012, to be a calmer, happier and less mental person than I was during much of 2011.  That way was just too exhausting.  Wish me luck.


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