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Scotland’s Referendum isn’t about two different destinations; It’s a fork in the road. It’s about the nation we are, and the nation we want to be.

Britain is a naturally beautiful island. The lochs and munros of Scotland, the rolling hills and valleys of Wales and the romantic moors of England make it a visually stunning place to visit or live. 
You’d think that as a result, UK governments would be more inclined than most to preserve the natural world – but for decades, Westminster’s promotion and perpetuation of unfettered economic growth has come at the expense of great swathes of the planet’s resources and beauty. 
A political mentality that puts profit before planet needs to be resisted, and the best way to do that is to lead by example – by charting our own more responsible path as an independent nation.

Vote Yes for a greener nation

  • The Scottish Government’s approach to climate change and climate justice is internationally renowned
  • Our renewable energy potential is enormous, and we have the most ambitious green energy targets in the world
  • With independence, Scotland can choose a more sustainable economic path
  • An independent Scotland could follow Denmark in measuring growth by ‘Green GDP’
  • We could use our huge oil reserves responsibly, investing in clean energy to phase out fossil fuels 

Vote No for a lack of action

  • The rhetoric of UK governments on climate change is never matched by action
  • The influence of energy lobbyists at Westminster is a huge obstacle to progress on the environment
  • Westminster refuses to use the powers at its disposal to promote sustainable growth, and won’t devolve them to us
  • The UK Government won’t give us control of Crown Estate revenues, denying local communities the benefits of our renewable potential
  • Scotland’s ambitions for sustainability and climate justice will continue to be held back by inaction at Westminster

National Collective is an open and non-party political platform for artists and creatives to engage with the Scottish independence campaign.

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