I read this article in The Scotsman today.  Argh!  What a tube!  It’s not either/or. Not black and white.  The world isn’t like that Alf!   Fossil fuels are dirty, polluting and finite – we MUST move away from them as our primary energy resources. We NEED to develop alternatives before the fossil fuels run out and leave us with nothing.  However, it’s true that renewable energy technologies are still very much in development and that natural resources are not constant – the sun doesn’t always shine on Scotia, the wind doesn’t always blow… but that doesn’t matter, TUBE!

tiny, community owned wind farm on Gigha
We have fossil fuels NOW. The money we get in revenue from oil and gas extraction can be used to fund the research and development of renewable technologies.  Then, once we have a patchwork of efficient solar, wind, and wave-powered energy production, our remaining fossil fuel reserves will be used far less often and will therefore last so much longer.  On those still and overcast days we will have them to fall back on if required. That is how they should be used – as back-up resources.  Keep the clean, green, infinite energy resources for everyday use and the dirty, finite ones for emergencies.

Sin agad e!


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