Books I read (or re-read) in 2012

The complete list…

  1. The woman in white – Wilkie Collins, 1860 (a long, dull, disappointment of a book – not half as good as The Moonstone)
  2. A tale etched in blood and hard black pencil – Christopher Brookmyre, 2006
  3. Angelmaker – Nick Harkaway, 2012
  4. Three men on the bummel – Jerome K Jerome, 1900 (sweet, daft and funny…though, with hindsight, the last chapter seems darkly prophetic)
  5. The princess bride – William Goldman, 1973 (I found the narrator’s voice brash and unlikable. I prefer the movie – sorry Bunny)
  6. The fellowship of the ring – JRR Tolkien, 1954 (the first in the LotR trilogy and my favourite)
  7. The girl with the dragon tattoo – Stieg Larsson, 2005
  8. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Douglas Adams, 1987 (I had to read this again in order to purge from my mind the memory of BBC Four’s awful, abominable series)
  9. Arthur and the lost kingdoms – Alistair Moffat, 1999 (non-fiction. Tracing the origins of King Arthur using folktales, legends and placenames)
  10. Para Handy: the collected stories – Neil Munro, 2002 (short stories originally published c. 1900-1920 – chust sublime!)
  11. Attack of the unsinkable rubber ducks – Christopher Brookmyre, 2007 (a mind bendingly twisty-turny plotline)
  12. Under Brinkie’s Brae – George Mackay Brown, 2003 (short pieces from GMB’s weekly column in The Orcadian from Feb 1976 – July 1979)
  13. 1222 – Anne Holt, 2011 (I read this while travelling on the Norwegian railway line featured in the book!)
  14. A snowball in hell – Christopher Brookmyre, 2008 (that’s it. I am now all caught up on Brookmyre’s writings! Which means I now have to sit around waiting for him to publish new works…damn)
  15. Gay Hunter –  J. Leslie Mitchell aka Lewis Grassic Gibbon, 1934 (no, this is not homophobic snuff-lit but rather time travelling, post-apocalyptic sci-fi from the 1930s. ‘Gay Hunter’ is in fact the heroine of the piece)
  16. When the devil drives – Chris Brookmyre, 2012 (that was lucky! The new book came out just after I’d finished catching up… now comes the long wait)
  17. Persian dawns, Egyptian nights – J. Leslie Mitchell aka Lewis Grassic Gibbon, 1932 (beautiful stories, especially the Persian-set ones)
  18. A game of thrones – George R.R. Martin, 1996 (thanks to the independent yet equally evil machinations of Bunny and McHarg, I am now hopelessly enthralled by the tales of Westeros. There goes the next six months of my life!)
  19. A clash of kings – George R.R. Martin, 1998
  20. A storm of swords – part 1: steel and snow – George R.R. Martin, 2000
  21. A storm of swords – part 2: blood and gold – George R.R. Martin, 2000 (Apparently Tyrion Lannister is the author’s favourite character… If this is so then I hope that I never, ever, EVER have the misfortune to find myself in Mr Martin’s goodbooks  :-S )
  22. A feast for crows – George R.R. Martin, 2005
  23. Snuff – Terry Pratchett, 2011
  24. A dance with dragons – part 1: Dreams and Dust – George R.R. Martin, 2011
  25. A dance with dragons – part 2: After the feast – George R.R. Martin, 2011 (Right, that’s that all finished… now comes the the possibly interminable wait for book 6!!!)

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