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Dear BBC

Who do I see about getting a rebate on my licence fee?  As a resident of Scotland it seems I am in receipt of a partial and largely faulty service.

BBC Scotlandshire

The news I see is censored, biased or, at the very least, eye-wateringly condescending and, unless I’m watching at 11.30pm on a Monday night (or in Gaelic), the only people with accents like mine are likely to be be druggies, jakeys or assorted “hard men” on a scale from bawheid to psycho.

The political issues that I, and the majority of my friends, support are either openly ridiculed or ignored by BBC “reporters”.  Earlier this year, when complaints were made about the overtly biased coverage of Referendum issues, we were told that the BBC has no requirement to be fair outwith the official campaign period!  No requirement!  Your requirement is that this is a fantastically important vote for Scotland and if the PUBLICLY FUNDED state broadcaster isn’t going to provide un-biased coverage of the debate, who the hell is?

I used to love the BBC – I paid my licence fee happily and with pride – but in the last few years I’ve learned that it is nothing but the mouthpiece of the state in the worst cold war traditions.  I first became aware of this disparity between my expectations and the real BBC with the issue of “closed comments” on Scottish political news posts.  More and more betrayals and cover-ups came to my attention – news I read in other sources or events I actually attended – with not a moment of coverage on the BBC.  I began to suspect that Auntie Beeb was a bit of a two-faced, jock-hating bitch.

Then, today I read about unreliable BBC coverage of an event in Syria – check out the footage posted here – if it hasn’t disappeared already.  At least it helps a little to know the BBC lies to everyone at some point – not just us Scots.

I believe I pay exactly the same amount for my tv licence as someone who lives in London.  Is that not the case?  Why then do I receive such an appreciably reduced service?

I’ll expect my rebate cheque in the post…


Scotlandshire, N.B.

(a shorter version of this letter has been sent to BBC complaints – they limit characters so I had to edit down a wee bit of the ranting to get all my points in…)


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