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Napiers’ in days of yore – not looking too dissimilar to the way it does today

As part of my continuing mission to get happy – inside and out – I met with a rather lovely herbalist today. We talked about things – my life, my health, my diet (which isn’t too bad in fact) – and we planned how best to build a better me.

I came home with a bag full of pills and potions (destined to make me rattle when I walk) and the solemn intention to live a good and wholesome life…for the next few months at least.

The bad news (oh, so bad) is that I’ll have to cut out wicked carbohydrates (i.e. bread and pasta) which means no more pizza (!) but also cheese (!!!) – which means NO MORE PIZZA (kill me now!).  Never mind, I still get to eat many good and nummy things – and with luck I’ll start feeling so good I’ll have no need for the comfort of pizza (sob)…

However, lack of pizza aside, I feel very good about this.  Excuse me now. I’m off enjoy my tasty, healthy and (almost) entirely cheese free meal – with a variety of exciting herbal capsules to follow.


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