gaia-love, travel tales

WHW – day4

Wild and atmospheric Rannoch Moor from the Way

The weather forecast for “light showers” all morning was fairly accurate. Happily, in practice this was far less miserable than I’d feared. The sky was generally overcast but the blustery breeze kept the rain clouds scudding along and allowed occasional patches of blue sky and sun to shine through. In addition, the friendly wind came from the west, very helpfully pushing me up the slope to the Moor.

Rannoch Moor sits on a plateau, and in bad weather can be a bleak and unfriendly place. Today the clouds and squally showers just added to its atmospheric beauty.

Before I knew it my walk was over and I arrived in Glen Coe, at dear old White Corries ski centre where I’m camping tonight. Unlike yesterday, I made it before Travel-lite got here with my gear. This has forced me (entirely against my will, mind) to partake of a ‘Glencoe Burger’ (venison and haggis) and some Irn Bru in the café while I wait for my bag…


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