#100happydays – day100!!!

Zombies, Run!

That’s it. The final day of my #100happydays project. Over 3 months of pictures, words and experiences shared. I’ve had a few un-happy days too, of course, but in the main I feel I’ve returned to my old positive self.

To celebrate the end of this project… I’m starting a new one! I just got a new zombie running app, this one specifically trains inexperienced runners, like myself, to manage 5k. I’ve just finished the first mission…yes, at 6 o’clock in the morning. What? Last night was my first entirely sleepless night in a very long time, and it’s been a big week for me.

Anyway, 8 weeks of training and I should be able to properly run! Thereafter I’ll go back to the old zombie game and take up where I left off – only much better able to outrun the ‘shambling dead’.

So, farewell #100happydays, it’s been fun but I’m off to have my breakfast now…


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