Babies, monarchy and the #IndyRef

hilarious but unnecessary

A Guardian poll this week asks ‘Will a new royal baby save the union?’. Although the result is currently a definite and resounding NO, the question itself made me think – why is this allegedly worthy paper asking such a deeply stupid and pointless question?

Can they really pretend that the issue of a royal sprog has any bearing on next week’s referendum at all? Much as my wee republican heart wishes otherwise, Scotland is voting to end the union of the parliaments – not the union of the crowns.

The intention, at this time, is to control our own revenue and resources whilst holding onto Her Madge as titular ‘head of state’. As is the case all over the Commonwealth.

Mind thon big Games we had in Glasgow the other month? If you were able to see beyond the extreme cuteness of the Scotty dogs, you may have noticed the great procession of Nations traipsing along behind them. The vast majority of those were countries operating entirely independently of the UK – such as Jamaica, Canada, Kenya and New Zealand. There were also some teeny wee nations like Malta, Fiji and a place called Kiribati.

So, if you are someone who is interested in the doings of the Royals then fear not. Post-indy Queeny will still be your queen, Phil will still be a black-afrontment and the progeny of Wills and Kate will still be yours to croon over (at least until we have another vote on that issue).

Vote YES for the independent Kingdom of the Scots! 

not funny, not clever – just insulting
Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised at The Guardian’s stupid poll. Elsewhere on the same page I saw this vile thing for sale. “Steve Bell’s Alex Salmond squeeezy stress figure, emulating Marilyn Monroe’s famous ‘air-vent pose’, is perfect for relieving the tense responsibility of making history”. Alex Salmond is the elected First Minister of Scotland. This is not satire it’s just an open and obvious insult – to him and to the people who voted his party into office. 
No doubt I’m just being a chippy wee jock… but FECK OFF ya condescending bunch o bawbags!  


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