Business and borders in iScotland – #indyref

Yesterday the CEO of ASDA said:

“It will be no surprise to voters that, if Scotland votes for independence, it would be imperative to establish a separate Scottish business”

For some reason this is being reported as bad news! A separate Scottish business! This means more admin and management jobs, possibly the rental of office space – maybe even the building of a new Scottish HQ! This is not bad news.

Here are some ‘foreign’ businesses which currently operate in Scotland:

  • H&M – Sweden
  • IKEA – Sweden
  • Lidl – Germany 
  • Aldi – Germany
  • SPAR – Netherlands 
  • HSBC – Hong Kong/ Singapore 
  • ASDA (part of Walmart) – America 
  • McDonalds – USA 
  • American Express – (the clue’s in the name)
  • Starbucks – USA 

These are just the ones I came up with after two minutes thought. 

These are multinational companies. Business doesn’t care much about national borders. The addition of one shiny new country full of customers to their portfolio is really no big deal to them.

So, don’t believe the lies. Business will not abandon Scotland.

Stay strong. Be proud. VOTE YES! 


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