Day 6 post #indyref – and it’s business as usual in our dysfunctional "family of nations"

Scotland could have been “the mouse that roared”! 
Instead we did what mice usually do –
shat ourself and ran away

I’m feeling somewhat less chipper today. Only 6 days after the No vote and the tally of woe already sits thusly:

  • the unionists broke their ‘Vow’ on day 1
  • fracking tests are to start in my green and leafy West Lothian!!!
  • they finally announced the massive new oil fields we’d heard rumours of for months but which their pet media never reported until yesterday
  • Scotland’s grant (i.e. our share of the taxes we pay!) is to be cut
  • and now, today, it seems we’re going to have another fucking war!
Is this what you wanted, oh valiant No voters?
What were you thinking? Were you thinking anything at all? Okay, some No voters were just selfish and greedy (aka Tories and Labour politicians) – I’m not talking to those people. I’m talking to the rest of you. The ordinary, everyday people of Scotland. Why did you vote No?
We could have been on our way to a brighter, greener, fairer future as a shiny new country where the people were sovereign and everything was possible.
Instead we have:
  • little or no chance of ‘more powers’
  • fracking being carried out in the most populated parts of Scotland, risking damage to already undermined land and the pollution of our precious fresh water supplies
  • even more oil wealth being syphoned off to London and frittered away on stuff we never see
  • even less of the taxes we pay coming back to us, cuts in services, and the possibility of extra tax to make up the shortfall
  • another fucking war!
Was this really what you wanted No voters? Or are you just the numpties, tumshies, fearties and/or sookmatoories everybody else (in the world!) thinks you are?
Right. Enough of that.
We’re going to fight all this of course – and the SNP will be fighting from it’s new position as the 3rd largest party in the UK (are we biggest in Scotland yet? That can’t be far off). And you No voters – I truly believe most of you made a hideous mistake last week which you now regret. Fear not. Join us in the fight from now on and we’ll build our better Scotland anyway. It might take a bit longer… though the way things are going it could all happen much quicker than we’d ever hoped…
Fingers crossed!

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