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How do you solve a problem like Westminster?

Following that result, we in Scotland find ourselves still shackled to the heinous, corrupt, undemocratic, capitalist cesspit commonly known as Westminster. Many of us are still hopeful that independence is close, but until then we must do what we can to bring that London based monster under the control of the people – where it belongs.

The Westminster government believes itself to be sovereign – ruling the people, subjugating not serving them. Our taxes are misspent, our resources are squandered, our rights and our care systems are being eroded. Unelected ‘lords’ and ‘advisers’ have power over our lives. Jolly old Great Britain is regressing into its Victorian past…

How do we stop this?

Really! How? We demonstrate and campaign and we are completely ignored. This cannot and must not be allowed to continue.

Next May there is a UK election. I know many Scots will be voting to clear the unionist parties out of Scotland. What about England? Who can the English vote for as an alternative to tory/labour/ukip/libdem/bnp?

I’d love to see a host of independent candidates standing in England. How great would it be to clear out all of that twisted political structure and start again from scratch? How I’d love a truly federal UK, the disbandment of the house of lords and government acting for the people not against them.

Unlikely, perhaps but we must do something. The monster is out of control and must be tamed.

How do we do it?


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