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Samhain – again

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It’s Samhain again already! Traditionally, in Scotland, the New Year was marked at this time. It’s the end of the harvest period, the crops are in and winter is coming. It seems like a good time to look back at the past year to me.

This year has been the best I’ve had for a long, long time. I feel more loved, respected (outside of work) and in control than I have for years. I built some very good memories in the last 12 months. The sort I can take out in old age and look at with a smile.

We had our Referendum – which we lost – but not by much considering all that was ranged against us. And the campaign itself was glorious! Scotland changed beyond all recognition. Ordinary people stood up and took control. Folk talked politics everywhere – in the streets, pubs, shops and workplaces. There was an explosion of creativity that just took my breath away. Songs, books, films, plays, blogs and videos. I was never so proud of my country.

Tonight I hope to have a small scale Samhain celebration with the person who’s made me happiest this year. My Teo, who features so prominently in all of those good memories I mentioned.

I wish you all, my best beloveds, a wonderful new year and a very happy Samhain.


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