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Tory government, delirium and Strictly Come Dancing #indyScot

You know what? I’m starting to think I went insane on the 18th of September and everything I’ve seen since then has been a psychosis induced delirium… Either I’m mad or every bugger else is!

The utter shit that has been thrown at us since September is just mind boggling. I thought the UK was a cesspit before the IndyRef – since then the vileness has just gone into overdrive! The government is run by creatures who’d have the Dark Lord Sauron shaking in his boots. The Labour party in Scotland seems to be indulging in double-speak that would send Orwell’s head spinning. And the media? The media are behaving as if it’s their birthday, Scotland is a sweetie filled piñata and they’ve just been handed a very big stick…

This is not photoshopped – this is an actual story in today’s Telegraph

I’m not really gong to make any further comment on this now. I can’t. It’s just too impossibly awful to put into mere words. The UK is vile, greedy and irreparably broken. The people of Scotland had a glorious chance to break away from that, to build a new and better country – and they threw that chance away. I’m confident that things are so bad that the UK will implode under the force of it’s own hideousness before long. I just hope my Scotia can hold on long enough to make it to the other side.

Or, and I really hope this is the truth, one day soon I’ll wake up to find that Scotland voted YES, everything will be okay, and I’ve just been having a really, really bad cheese dream.


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