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Krampusnacht – re-taking the winter festivals

Greetings from KrampusLast night was Krampusnacht – another pagan tradition the Christians usurped to make themselves seem cooler.  Krampus, a horned, goat-like man-creature was on the prowl last night, searching for naughty children to bundle away in his sack! We managed to survived until morning, but the fact that Teo stayed out of the sack seems little more than a clerical error to me…

The mainland-European festival of Krampus stems from the same pagan winter traditions of guising as Scotland’s Hallowe’en practices and the Up Helly Aa fire festival held in Shetland. Krampus had faded in the modern world but happily, he’s made a big old comeback:

It looks like this tradition was pretty much Europe wide. The fabulous Finnish film Rare Exports features many elements of the Krampus story (plus reindeer, helicopters and big explosions!). It’s good to see the old winter festivals making a resurgence. Fire, feasting and fun – what better ways to lighten the darkest days of the year?

2 thoughts on “Krampusnacht – re-taking the winter festivals”

  1. Wow, not sure American kids could handle this! We have gone all princessy for Halloween which I find disappointing. Watching these guys for any length of time would give me nightmares though. Thanks for the experience!


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