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#tvlicenceboycott – stage 2 has begun!

I just had a really fun phone conversation with some choob from TV Licensing.

When I answered the phone he asked me to confirm my address and postcode “for security reasons”. I said:

“No. You called me. I’m not giving out any personal information over the phone. You tell me what you think my details are and I’ll confirm if you’re correct”.

He said, “I can’t give out customer details because of data protection”.

“Exactly!!!”, I said.

It went back and forth like that for a wee while until he said “I can’t continue unless you confirm your details”.

“You called me”, I replied. “If you don’t want to carry on that’s fine. Bye bye.”

Such fun!

I cancelled my tv licence direct debit on the 19th September. I then considered the situation for a few weeks, deciding whether I’d make my protest legally or illegally. Finally, I decided to keep the moral high-ground. The BBC is a cesspit, I don’t need to stoop to their level.

So, I unplugged my tv aerial, rolled up the cable and stuffed it behind the sofa. Since then I’ve watched some 4oD and Demand5 but mostly my Amazon Instant feed, DVDs and some stuff on Youtube. You can stick your brainless, banal, lowest-common-denominator programming BBC – I’m watching stuff I actually enjoy!

However, another thing I decided was that I wouldn’t have anything to do with the TV Licensing folk. They’re just a bunch of pathetic money grubbers. I’m not paying – but neither am I using the service. I wouldn’t be expected to explain to The Herald‘s finance department why I cancelled my sub – I certainly wouldn’t allow them into my home to check I wasn’t reading it!

My tv licence has now expired so I’ve been getting calls – like the one noted above – and letters like this:

scary letter!
scary letter!

It says: “If we don’t hear from you soon, we’ll arrange a visit to this address” – Oooooh, scary!

Bring it!

People talk about writing to revoke their “implied right of access” to your property. Perhaps I should just confirm that I don’t require a licence (coz I don’t “watch or record programmes as they are being shown on tv”). But I say Nah! Why bother? I’ve done nothing wrong – and I’m under no obligation to inform them of anything. I paid my licence faithfully for years and years – then the BBC betrayed me and my country during the Referendum campaign. We know they’ve been engaged in or supporting even worse things for a very long time now.

The BBC are vile and cannot be trusted. I will not pay them one more penny of my money – but I don’t mind making a little trouble for them while I can!  🙂

I just remembered: the very first phone call I got from TV Licensing – in late September/early October (such money grubbers!) – I told the woman I wasn’t watching broadcast tv (and that I had a LoveFilm sub), just before I hung up. So, in fact, I have notified them and everything I’ve received since then is just harassment. As I said before, Bring it!


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