Fantasy fiction – or, taking a holiday in another world…

This is a very nice ad for the first book in The Ballad of Sir Benfro by James Oswald (a sheep farmer from Fife). Dreamwalker is a romping tale of magic, dragons and librarians with a shocker of an ending. Book 2 – The Rose Cord – is much darker and, if I’m honest, the continuos pain, suffering and deprivation experienced by the two main characters was becoming a bit grinding. However, we seem to have reached a turning point in the story so, I have somewhat higher hopes for book 3 – The Golden Cage – which I’m reading just now…

I haven’t read a fantasy saga since I caught up with ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘ (come on George R. R. Martin! Aren’t you finished yet?). Isn’t it amazing how you can get wrapped up in these fictional worlds to the extent that the ‘real’ world feels wrong for a while until you re-adjust? …Or is that just me?

I’ve pretty much chain-read these three books because I missed Benfro, Errol, Martha and Clun whenever I tried reading anything else. What am I going to do when I finish The Golden Cage? Book 4 isn’t due out til September 2015!

COME ON George R. R. Martin! Aren’t you finished yet?!?


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