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Nie moje małpy (not my monkeys)

not my monkeys
not my circus, not my monkeys

I love this Polish proverb – Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy (not my circus, not my monkeys). I admit part of the reason I like it is the first time I saw it (written in Polish) I understood it! I now know enough Polish to understand proverbs (yay me!). I also quite like the ‘it’s no’ ma problem’ or ‘clean up your own mess’ attitude it expresses.

However, after watching Sunday Politics I’ve been thinking today about the circus we’re living in right now and the monkeys currently running amok in Westminster. They’re none of them my monkeys, I didn’t vote for a single one of them, but their circus affects me as much as it does anyone else.

Following the referendum result, I feel more disenfranchised and marginalised by UK politics than at any time in my life before. The only hope I see for Scotland is to get some of our own monkeys down into the WM circus. We need a good, large troop of SNP MPs fighting for our interests in London. A group large enough to wield influence and negotiate deals beneficial to Scotland.

I hope, I fervently hope, that the Scottish people have finally learned:

  • to see through the self-serving lies of SLabour’s career politicians;
  • to doubt and disregard the spin they’ll read in the unreliable press;
  • and, most importantly, to always, entirely distrust the BBC

The Westminster circus is out of control and geared only to serve and protect the needs of the rich to the very great detriment of the poor. This has to change. The only realistic way I see of making that change is to break that corrupted system and build something new and better in its place.

The first step towards that must be to elect Scottish MPs who will have Scotland’s interest truly at heart. That means voting SNP in May.


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