Green gifts for springtime – 2015

It’s that time of year again! With Valentines, Mother’s Day and Easter all so close together, now is the perfect time to look at some of the fantastic Eco gift options available. So, if you want to find something special for a special someone here are a few lovely gift ideas that won’t cost the Earth…
Sweet things
  • Choose organic/Fairtrade chocolates and eggs from companies like Montezuma and Divine
  • Try your hand at making cookies with seasonally-shaped cookie cutters
Flower power
  • Instead of intensively-produced, cut flowers, why not buy your loved one a living plant or tree? Or, show off your creative flair by making these pretty paper flowers
  • Alternatively, choose a floral inspired gift, such as wildflower seeds or a bee-friendly product
  • Why not give a Seedbom, handmade in Scotland, as an unusual (and quirky) alternative to a bouquet?
  • Go vintage: Try antique jewellery, flea markets and vintage shops to find unique gifts
  • If you’re arty or crafty use your skills to make personalised presents or decorated eggs
  • Treat your loved one to theatre/concert tickets, a meal or a day out with you
Cards and wrapping
  • Send plantable greetings cards from ECOHIP
  • Re-use giftbags/wrapping or choose a reusable option, like a basket or a pretty cotton scarf
  • Choose cards and wrapping which contain recycled paper and Recycle any cards you receive

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