Springtime, geocaching and our close proximity to rodents…

According to Punxsutawney Phil we’ll be having 6 more week of winter this year – but I reckon that’s only about the weather. Imbolc has just passed so the light is changing, the days are getting longer and Spring is definitely about to start springing.

Since I’m having the week off work I enjoyed a long, luxurious lie-in this morning. However, when I did get up I went straight out for my first zombie-run of the year. It was cold, with a light dusting of snow, but the sky was blue and I’m happy to say, I didn’t do too badly. I kept up walking and did a bit of skiing over the winter so my fitness level seems to have stayed up fairly well. Plenty of room for improvement but not so dire as I’d feared. Then, rather than completing the the last 10 minutes of the zombie-running programme, I did a bit of geocaching instead.

the perfect description of geocaching

Geocaching is something I’ve been meaning to try for ages. It features technology, treasure hunting and outdoorsiness – how could it not be my favourite thing? There are a number of ‘caches’ in the woods near my house so, this morning I went looking for one. The compass on my phone’s Geocaching app led me round the park and through the trees. On the way I saw the local robin, whose territory includes my garden, as well as a teeny wee wren.

The particular geocache I was after is called ‘Close Proximity’. According to its online description:

“…It is said that there are 5 rats for every human being on the earth, which means you’re no more than 15 metres from one at any given time…”

You may imagine the doubts and small worries that were running through my mind as I searched among the tall grass for something that may or may not turn out to be a rat-hole! I discovered that my phone’s GPS is only accurate to 3 metres. It turns out this is pretty useless when it comes time to pinpoint a cache. I’ll have to see if I can do something about that…

Anyway, that just added a little drama to the end of the search. After a few minutes casting around in the undergrowth, I found it – and wasn’t it a weird one? My first ever geocache – found, logged and replaced – 1 cache down, 2,552,315 to go!


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