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I’m not broken – I’m just introverted


You know one of the greatest things about the internet? It taught me the concept of introversion. I learned, for the first time, the glorious fact that I’m not particularly weird or broken – I’m just more likely to feel stressed or emotionally drained by social interaction than other people. Also – most importantly – I’m not alone in being like this.

The BIG thing about introverts is that we don’t do groups so we were never going to get together and talk to each other out in the actual world. The interweb has given us a safe, relatively stress free environment in which to meet, compare notes and feel a hell of a lot better about ourselves.

the-power-of-introverts-L-09nPwaI keep finding articles like this online:

10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently With The World

or this:

15 Things That Introverts Would Never Tell You

and they are just so revelatory to me. “Yes”, I think, “Yes, that is exactly how I feel! Those are precisely the kind of thoughts I have when someone tries to make me do networking (shudder)”.

Can you imagine the relief of discovering that, although everyone you work with acts like you’re some kind of troll for avoiding the annual hell which is the ‘xmas night out’, there are many, many other people in the world who feel exactly as you do? Such joy! 

Obviously I don’t identify with everything I read in these articles – the birthday stuff, for example. That’s very important to stress. I LOVE birthdays! Mostly my own but everyone else’s too (I may not to come to your party but I will be fervently wishing you a great day!). Also, I think people are pretty well aware when I don’t like them. I like most folk so if I dislike someone it’s probably coz they’re a total asshat, and why waste time being nice to an asshat?… I’m just saying…

The point is – I now know I’m not especially weird and I’m definitely not unique. What I am is funny, intelligent, faithful, shy… and introverted.


1 thought on “I’m not broken – I’m just introverted”

  1. I cannot count the number of times I have said to someone that I am an introvert. The reaction is invariably the same…denial, surprise lots of chuckling. Then I explain the difference between intro and extroverts and all nod sagely! Being with people draws energy from me. I can do it and usually, I enjoy it. However, it takes time to recuperate!

    P.s. Cannot click on like…looking for that pesky sign on again.

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