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Là nam Foileagan – Pancake Day!

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Mo bhloga


In France (and New Orleans) they call it Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) but in Scotland today is Pancake Day!

Dimàirt na h-Inide – Shrove Tuesday

Là nam Foileagan – Pancake Day

Cò bhios a’ dèanamh fhoileagean an-diugh ma-tha?
Who’s making pancakes today then?

via LearnGaelic

In the christian tradition, Shrove Tuesday is the last chance for a blowout before lent begins. In actual fact, winter stores would have been running low by this time anyway so if the christians wanted to introduce a fast into their calendar, late winter was the perfect time to choose. Winter stores were running out, the new growing season was yet to begin – folk had little choice but to tighten their belts and try to hold on until spring.

In the fine Pagan (and Scottish) tradition of taking any excuse for a party, you can imagine folk using the last of their supplies – such as eggs and flour…

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