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The Real Co-op

I love the co-operative movement. I shop in co-ops. My mobile service provider and bank are co-ops. When I visited New Orleans I even managed to buy my supplies from a food co-op. 

I’ve been a member of the Co-operative group for years but only recently discovered the exclusive relationship they have with the Labour Party. This made sense in the past when Labour was a socialist party of the people. 

Since the dawn of ‘New Labour’ this has ceased to be the case. They are now a party of millionaires and career politicians who aren’t quite posh enough to be Tories. In Scotland we even refer to them as Red Tories.


The point is, these people have no right to support from the Co-operative. They long ago ceased to follow the socialist ideals they once did.

“No single political party should be able to take our financial support for granted. And every party should be challenged to make sure that they support our Co-operative values” – David Eyre, Real Co-op

If you are a Co-op member, please register your support at realcoop.net to get this motion on the next agenda.

Thank you


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