Camping, design and tiny houses

I came across this video last night – and immediately went mental over it.

This little ‘pop top’ caravan is so cute. Tardis-like, it seems bigger on the inside and the girl and her friend did a spectacular job of decorating it. It just looks like summertime in a box!

I want it – it would be just perfect for me.

I’ve wanted for so long to have a hut. A tiny home of my own somewhere beautiful. I have several obstacles on that front:

  1. I don’t live in Norway – unlike Scandinavia there is no real hut-culture in Scotland. The closest we really have is the garden allotment system – but that’s not what I’m after. There are hutting communities here but very few and they are constantly under pressure from landowners. Speaking of which…
  2. Scotland is owned by a handful of very rich people. Most of rural Scotland is a patchwork of huge, privately owned estates run for ‘sport’. So it’s hard to find somewhere for your hut to sit.
  3. I’m not not rich and I’m not ‘handy’. Even if I bought a piece of land I’d be unable to build myself a hut – and after paying for the real estate I doubt I could afford to pay someone to build it for me.

So, for those and other reasons, it seems unlikely I’ll ever get my hut. However, a folding caravan…

As I said, that video sent me a bit mental last night. I almost bought a ‘trailer tent’ from a guy in a nearby town (I was going to part exchange my kayaks for it). This morning though I realised it wouldn’t suit my needs. It was little more than a really big empty tent. My tiny house needs to be more self contained than that.

I’ve been searching around today and I’ve found it. This is what I want:

Pennine Fiesta folding camper
Pennine Fiesta folding camper

This is a folding camper. Isn’t it beautiful!!! When it’s set up it looks like the tent of a Beduin prince! It’s spacious, light and airy and contains everything a person could require (Maddy – it even has that camping en suite you mentioned). I love the ingenious design: everything folding and shifting and fitting into place – so clever! 

When it’s packed away it becomes this neat trailer – easy to tow with any car. I could buy a brand new one (like that pictured above) for a surprisingly reasonable amount. Or, I could get a second hand one much cheaper and do it up in my own style like our young Kiwi friend did with hers. I could then tow it up the West coast somewhere beautiful, unfold it – and have my own tiny home from home – just like I’ve always wanted.

Obviously I’d need a car for this too but pfft, that’s nothing.

I’m so happy about this idea. This plan is going to keep me warm for months… I may even put it into action someday…


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