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#tvlicenceboycott – stage 3 complete!

One evening in February I came home to find the above notice waiting for me. I had missed a “visit” from the TV licensing people. I was far too busy watching (and tweeting) all the exciting stuff going on at SNP Spring conference yesterday to write about it then, but yesterday morning they came back!

I was unsure how I’d feel, but when it came to it I was totally relaxed and gave the guy a great big smile. I may even have leaned nonchalantly against the doorframe.

He, like the folk I’ve spoken to previously, seemed to assume that either I couldn’t afford to pay or was acting illegally. In other words, I think they expected me to feel guilty. I absolutely don’t. What I do feel, when I bother to think about it, is angry.

However, he was surprisingly pleasant and wanted to “explain” things to me. So, I smiled and told him not to bother since I didn’t care. I told him I didn’t watch broadcast tv, had checked the legislation and was under no obligation to communicate with the tv licensing folk in any way. I told him I had in fact chosen to have nothing more to do with them.

He warned me they’d just keep sending me letters and things. I said: that’s no skin off my nose. It’s not my money they’re wasting.

So, he said he would make a note of what I’d said, which was nice of him, and then he went on his way. I don’t imagine those people get paid a great deal – but I’m pretty sure with two personal visits, umpteen letters and a couple of phone calls they must have already wasted most of the £145.50 I don’t owe them   🙂

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 19.32.05


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