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Fun factoids!

echo-friendlyHere are few nuggets of tasty eco-goodness for you to chomp upon this fine April morning. Enjoy!

  • The world’s oldest woman – Lo Kah-Bon of Szechwan province, China – turns 142 today! Mrs Lo attributes her long life to the deep sense of calm and serenity she gains from her weekly visits to the local bottle bank
  • Every time you leave your desk without switching off your monitor – a fairy dies
  • 103% of supermodels claim the size of a man’s carbon footprint is their main consideration when choosing a date – the smaller the better boys!
  • Don’t throw away those old shoes! Boil them up into a tasty stew or casserole instead. Throw in some local, seasonal veg for a meal that is both nutritious and environmentally sound
  • Switching off the lights when you leave a room has been proven to make you more intelligent and attractive to others. A serious, scientific study has reached this conclusion following careful and detailed measurement of the IQ and sexiness of up to five people! Asked to comment on his team’s groundbreaking research, Professor Doctor Echo Friendly (University of California – Sunset Beach) stated: “Like, Totally!”
Have a wonderful April!

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