Building a home

Here’s another vid from Living Big in a Tiny House: Underhill – The Magical Hobbit-Like Eco Cave House. As a fairly hobbit-like person myself, this is obviously going to appeal to me  🙂

Teo's laube
Teo’s laube

I so wish I had a talent for building but I’m more of a small-scale crafty person myself (cards, picture frames and such). I did help Teo build his beautiful laube but my input was mainly hammering stuff and “artistic design”… and the sign. I did make the sign that hangs inside  🙂

I’ve been feeling pretty rootless and hopeless lately. Like I’ve lost everything that matters and have nothing of my own anymore. In the old days I would have just upped sticks and taken off abroad, just run away from my unhappiness, but now that thought offers no comfort at all. It would only make things worse.

I toyed with the idea of moving up north – the same old hut-dream – but as I’ve said, I couldn’t build that for myself. So, I’ve re-focused onto what I already have, my ain wee hoose.

I’ve somewhat neglected my home in recent years – I was too busy looking for happiness elsewhere. But this is already my place. It just needs a wee bit of work and adjustment. That’s what I’ve been doing this week.

I started by re-purposing a couple of rooms: I swopped some furniture, did a bit of deco and made myself a new wee office/workroom.

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I now have a serene space to be when I can’t be outside, as well as a larger guest room than I had before (once a certain person removes the stuff he’s storing there – hint hint McHarg!). Also, Punkycat adores the new room too. She’s hardly ever out of it.

Next I commenced a massive clear out. This will be the biggest job. It seems I’m something of a hoarder – it’s a combination of my instinct to archive and my world class laziness I think – but I’m being utterly ruthless now. I glance at papers just long enough to check they’re not vital, then I turf them into either the recycling bin or the confidential-waste-soon-to-be-bonfire-fuel bag. I also sorted out the ‘box-room’ so that it actually contains lots of boxes! These are much neater and a far better use of space than my previous ‘piles of stuff’ storage method.

Although hard work, these have all been very satisfying activities. They have produced obvious results very quickly.

Also, while resting in between bouts of furniture removal and paper shovelling, I’ve been looking at options for the re-habilitation of my bathroom. Due to chronic oikodomophobia (fear of tradesmen) I’ve been unable to complete the work needed to make this room fit for human eyes. It’s halfway there – all the plumbing and electrical work is done – it just needs decorated. I wanted to tile it but…oikodomophobia. The plumber/electrician combo used up all my strength so I’m currently working on a new action plan…

I’m conscious that it’s springtime, the sun is shining and that my mood is likely being been boosted by this but hey, I’ll take what I can get! I’m using this energy and positivity to good effect, wherever it comes from. Having my house feel homey again is going to be one hell of a boost too   🙂


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