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Sleep, sunshine and seasonal veg

I read this excellent article on elephant.journal.com today. There are some really great suggestions to help start your day better. I particularly like the idea of sending yourself motivational messages via your alarm label. Mine currently says “get up for work” – perhaps not the most uplifting wake up call. I’ll have to think of something better…

…I’ve changed it! The first part is a personal affirmation – which I won’t share here – but it ends with “Get up and seize the day!”.  Let’s see if that makes a difference on Monday morning   🙂

Although I liked and agreed with the majority of that article, the bit about waking an hour earlier just seems a bit stupid to me. Yes, it’s great to have a calm and peaceful start to the day but getting less sleep than you need won’t help with that. It makes more sense to adjust the rest of your day, if you can. I’ve been lucky recently to have the opportunity of starting my working day a little bit later. It’s only half an hour but – since it gives me some flexibility with buses, trains and whatnot – it actually ends up allowing me a big wodge of serenity right at the start of the day.

Saturday brunch
Saturday brunch

On the glorious non-work days though, I’m already pretty awesome at taking the mornings gently. I read that article while still cosily under the duvet in fact. When I did get up I went and sat in the garden for a while. Punkycat and I enjoyed the sunshine – and the unexpected blowiness out there.

I then made the tasty brunch pictured here. The empty bowl used to contain: local, free range eggs; seasonal veg; and a selection of green leaves freshly picked from my garden (sorrel, dandelion, strawberry leaves and chives, if you’re wondering). It was yummy.

I don’t have many plans for today other than continuing with my mega de-clutteration. I’m still feeling very fragile emotionally so this quiet time is extremely important. I find it wonderfully therapeutic. Absolutely no judginess happens when I’m by myself! …and very few tears these days either – which is a great improvement.

I wish everyone else a lovely springtime Saturday too   xxx


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