Birds, bonfires and Beltane

Happy Beltane best beloveds!

It’s that time again. Traditionally this is the start of summer but in practice I think Spring still has some time to go – in Scotland at least. We’ve had bluebells, primroses, daffodils and stuff for weeks but the trees are only just starting to bud. I am hearing a lot of birdsong though and bumblebees have been visiting my garden. Everything is so full of life.

Speaking of birds I keep forgetting to mention the corbie I saw the other week. He was perched on a lamppost near my house making weird noises. I stopped what I was doing to listen and realised he was talking!

He’d make an odd gulping sound then, clear as day, say “Awkward!” in a high-pitched, teen-aged girl sort of voice. Gulp. “Awkward!” Gulp. “Awkward!”. It was utterly bizarre. I listened to him for about five minutes until he got disturbed an flew away.

I knew corbies were clever birds but I’d never heard one mimic before – and in such a hilarious way.


As a wee Beltane bonus, here’s a post re-blogged from Mo Bhloga:

Tha i Bealltainn an-diugh / today is Beltane!
‘S e Pàganach a th’ annam – I’m a Pagan

Bealltainn is a traditional Quarter Day/Latha Ceann Ràithe and a Pagan/Pàganta feast day. It is a fire festival and marks the beginning of summer. Traditionally folk would drive their herds out to pasture at this time and bonfires were lit to protect the beasts and keep away bad spirits or Fairies (Sìth).

The Celts celebrated feast days from sunset to sunset – so Bealltainn can be observed from the evening of 30th April to nightfall on May Day – as you wish. Last night the Beltane Fire Society held their annual fire festival in Edinburgh. I’ll have a somewhat smaller scale celebration tonight I think.

Bealltainn Chridheil!

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