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Now we are the 56!  #SNPtsunami 

I don’t feel able to say much right now – I’ll just let this picture speak for itself    🙂

Later additions:

The Scottish National Party is now the 3rd largest party in Westminster! Many Scots awoke with a bittersweet feeling this morning. We’ve had this epic and historic SNP landslide – but we still get saddled with a Tory government. Four more years of the Tories is bad – but how much worse would it be if we hadn’t elected 56 SNP MPs to give Scotland a real voice down there?

Looking at that lovely yellow map I usually don’t notice the few blemishes. The tiny red one looks like a plook on Scotland’s bonnie yellow face. The unfortunately large blue bit looks like a scarf. Lets hope it won’t try to strangle us!

I was actually surprised to read a number of ‘jock-bashing’ statements today. How stupid are these people? Are they unable to do simple arithmetic? Scotland voted overwhelmingly for the SNP – we got 50% of the vote and won 56 of 59 seats. However, even if every person in Scotland had voted Labour, we would still have a Tory government:

Tories took 330 seats in rUK,
Labour got only 231
– even if all 59 Scottish seats had gone to Labour, the Tories would still have a majority

SNP voters are not to blame – the Labour Party is! We offered to work with them in Westminster. Not only did they refuse our help they vilified us and scare-mongered, going back to the fear tactics so well utilised during IndyRef. However, this time it served only to turn Scottish voters against them, and reportedly spooked English voters too. Labour lost this election in England as well as in Scotland. They have no-one to blame but themselves.

And if rUK doesn’t want to be governed by Tories they really need to stop voting for them.

Scotland has more Kelpies than Labour MPs
Scotland has more Kelpies than Labour MPs

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