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#tvlicenceboycott – stage 4 – they raised the stakes!

I’ve had to make a slight concession in my TV Licence Boycott. On the 19th September 2014 I cancelled my direct debit for the licence – I was so disgusted by the part the BBC had played in the NO campaign, and by multifarious other instances of their corruption and unreliability, that I would not pay one more penny of my money into their coffers. I unplugged my TV arial, rolled it up and stuck it behind the sofa. Since my licence ran out I haven’t watched a moment of broadcast TV in my house.

I also decided early on that I would avoid any and all interaction with the TV Licensing Bureau, vile money grubbers that they are. From my reading of their website and the relevant legislation, I believe I’m under no obligation to tell them anything – and I very much enjoy messing with them and wasting their time and money.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 13.03.37However, this morning I received a letter threatening to take me to court. They’ve threatened that before but this made it seem a lot more imminent.

I’m confident that I’m doing nothing illegal and that it’s my right not to pay the licence fee – but I’m not so adamant in my intention to mess with the Licensing Bureau that I’m willing to go to court for it! I’m sure I’d win but the process would cost me money. So, I’ve climbed down slightly and filled out their wee “Declaration” that I don’t need a TV Licence at my address.

This is, as I say, I slight climb down from my initial position but not much of one. I still have no intention of paying for a TV licence until it’s devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Until that time I’m more than happy with Amazon, Netflix and catch-up tv.


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