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Smith & the permanence of the Scottish Parliament

Nicola Sturgeon. First Minister of Scotland
Nicola Sturgeon. First Minister of Scotland

After meeting with Nicola Sturgeon in Edinburgh today, David Cameron said: “Let’s make sure Smith is implemented in full…”

In full he said. Although I think the Smith Commission proposals are generally pish, the one thing I do want to see is stated in article 21 of the report:

UK legislation will state that the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government are permanent institutions

This is somewhat disingenuous. Since any UK Act can be repealed at a later date, the permanence of our Parliament can’t be fully guaranteed that way. However, there must be some way that we can guarantee permanence.

I’m speaking from a position of almost total lack of legal knowledge here but… Couldn’t something be written into the Act that would preclude its repeal unless all parties (as well as their mums) agreed? Or maybe some sort of Treaty between Westminster and Holyrood? The Treaty of Union is, according to unionists, unbreakable. Why don’t we make a new and better one?

Our Parliament needs this guarantee of permanence. Scotland needs it to be secure so it can protect us from the ravages of a Westminster system broken and twisted beyond repair.

There must be some way. Lawyers, help me out here!


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