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More thoughts about introversion

peace & quiet - solo travelling in Hong Kong
peace & quiet – solo travelling in Hong Kong

I found another good article on introversion today – 10 Best Activities To Do With Introverts – though it should really be called ’10 things for introverts to do mainly on their own’…

These are so true for me. Single-player athletic activities? I enjoy yoga, hiking, running, cycling, skiing and geocaching – activities I can happily practice on my own and where the only ‘competition’ I have is to improve my own strength or skill. And the music? That’s similar to the sports. I love to sing and play the fiddle – but only really for my own pleasure. I have occasionally sung in front of others but the only people who’ve ever heard me play the violin are my teacher and Teo’s answer-machine (long story).

The rest of the suggestions are pretty spot on too. I love to go out to a pub with a (very) few good friends to talk and have a laugh. But staying in to watch a movie is just the best thing.

‘Go to a museum or a library’ is less accurate for me. I work in a library so I no longer see them as places for recreation, like I used to. Also, in the last 3 or 4 years I’ve become fairly feral. I’d much rather go to the woods or the hills to find peace. Under the sky, among trees or mountains, there is plenty of space to really breathe!

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