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Maiden speeches and the mighty #SNP56

Here’s Tommy Sheppard MP’s excellent maiden speech in the House of Commons today. Eloquent, witty and just a wee bit sassy. I was initially proud of #Team56 as a whole because of their massive and epic victory. Also, they all seemed so bright and bouncy. So tech-savvy, tweeting us from the benches and snapping selfies in the chamber. They are in London to work for us and have already given us behind-the-scenes views of Westminster we’ve never had before.

They have happily mocked the ridiculous ‘traditions’ of the House and I have loved them for it.

Tasmina Sheikh MP and Hannah Bardell (my MP) with their white roses - our tradition for the opening of parliament
Tasmina Sheikh MP and Hannah Bardell (my MP) with their white roses – an SNP tradition for the opening of parliament

But I’m increasingly aware of how impressive they are as individual people. In the early days really stood out as a gem among the 56. In interviews she seems so self-possessed and knowledgeable. So real. Now, watching the maiden speeches, I’m becoming prouder and prouder. These people are our representatives in Westminster – and they are mighty.

I look forward to reading and watching political reports in a way I never did before. The future seems bright, like that yellow map of Scotland on May the 8th. Yes, there is a Tory government, and they are planning terrible Tory things, but almost every MP Scotland elected will be fighting for Scotland’s interests above all else. I’m sure they are all good and honourable people – but it’s also true that they know we’re watching them. Scotland chose them and we sent them there to do our work.

As Tommy Sheppard said, they are there to work collaboratively, but for #Team56 I’m certain Scotland will always come first. Watching them through these early weeks has been a rollercoaster. I look forward to the rest of the ride.


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