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I don’t know much about art…

suicide girls take revenge

Warning – ranting ahead!

So, some ‘artist’ has printed out other people’s Instagram pics and sold them for obscene amounts of cash. Putting aside all issues of copyright, intellectual property, theft or whatever – how the feck can this be considered art? He just took screenshots and printed them out! His ‘artwork’ required absolutely no artistry. Of any kind.

Auld Duchamp has a lot to answer for with his anything ‘designated by the artist as a work of art’ is art business. Yes, his ‘Fountain’ is cheeky and provocative but it opened the way for the kind of stupid, soulless trash too often touted as art now.

Personally, the only thing I can credit these people with is a talent for opportunism and self-promotion. It’s creative marketing not art – and it fair gies me the grue.


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