Tweeted haiku

I found a load of haiku I tweeted between 2010 and 2011. I will share them, just because:

Sun dappled stones breached
by wild violets. Air sweet
with herbs and birdsong         #9 April 2011

Air filled with a hum
of weekend activity
a bee bumbles by                       #9 April 2011

A fox in full view
Adrift in urban grey, shines
gold in the spring sun              #7 April 2011

Dawn sky a riot
of dove pink and palest green.
I care not a jot.                            #2 Mar 2011       #sleepdeprived

East wind returns, blows
hard against me. Buffeted,
I turn and walk west.                #17 Nov 2010

Such a bright day but
oh, so very cold.  New hat
equals toasty head                    #20 Oct 2010

Wind and sun dried clothes,
in shades of pink, blue and green
Time to take you in                   #27 June 2010

Late Thursday pm
Penultimate day of hols
Time is precious now                #23 June 2010

Sweet, fragrant and wild
Strawberries fresh picked make a
perfect summer day                  #22 June 2010

Sun setting.  Air cools
Birds sing sleepily. Cat wakes
Yawns, turns, sleeps again      #22 June 2010


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