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Lies, damned lies and unionists

The internet seems terribly concerned today that ‘The Vow’ has been betrayed. I’m finding those posts increasingly irritating.

First, they’d already started betraying that vow on the 19th of September 2014 – remember that? Why the surprised outrage today?

Second, and most importantly, so fricken what if they betray their vow?!? It was a stupid wee note, cobbled together and published in an absolute rag of a paper. It is, and always was, valueless.

What matters, what makes me sick and furious, is that they’re really betraying the proposals put forward by the Smith Commission. The Smith Commission – a publicly funded, cross party group – produced a report which David Cameron pledged to implement in full! He voiced that pledge as recently as 1 month ago!

Now, as the Scotland Bill is debated, Smith’s proposals are being chucked out left and right. Yesterday, they finally voted down the most important and vital point in the whole Report. As proposed in Article 21:

UK legislation will state that the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government are permanent institutions

Exactly 1 month after their leader said “Let’s make sure Smith is implemented in full…” the dear old Tory Party voted against the most valuable of Smith’s proposals! Och, well. Maybe we’ll still get to make our own roadsigns… maybe.

road signs – a fully devolved matter

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