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More on selfies and sexism

Recently the young women of Alpha Chi Omega at Arizona State University felt the wrath of the interweb for committing a terrible crime. The sorority girls chose to have a laugh with each other (and to record that fun photographically) rather than to watch a baseball game!!!

The sports commentators (a race of creatures I happen to despise on principle anyway) were incensed at the girls’ apparent lack of respect for the game. That may be so. They were obviously there mainly for the craic. It’s probably quite a nice atmosphere at the baseball park – when you’re not being vilified. I bet the whole town was there. They got to dress up in those cute uniforms, be part of a tribe a periodically yell out “Go sports! Do the thing. Win the point!”… or equivalent. They probably were not paying that much attention to the game. But so what!?!

I assume the idea is that ‘thing men enjoy‘ (i.e. baseball) is intrinsically better and more valuable than ‘thing women enjoy‘ (hanging out as a group and taking jolly pics). A while ago I re-posted a great article about the sexism surrounding selfies and I feel this incident is a perfect illustration of that concept in action.

Anyway, today Jezebel reported the sorority was offered free tickets to another game, but that they declined:

… instead asking the Diamondbacks and Fox Sports to “provide tickets to a future game for families at A New Leaf, a local non-profit that helps support victims of domestic violence”

I have to say, I’m pretty sure Jezebel was somewhat involved with the mocking but let’s gloss over that…

These classy chicks have managed a pretty elegant ‘in yo face’ to the sporting blokes while simultaneously raising awareness for a domestic violence charity. I salute you sisters – nicely done.


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