Re-wilding Scotland

from Rewilding Scotland on Facebook today

This. This is what makes me furious when I hear folk getting pissy about wind farm projects. Wind farms don’t spoil the landscape you tubes. The entirely barren, treelessness spoils the landscape!

Most of our beautiful Highlands are a desert of “managed” moorland, geared towards the breeding and killing of wild things – with a patchwork of tree plantations waiting only to be ripped out at some future time.

I remember the shame I felt trying to explain ‘clear cutting’ to some fellow walkers on the West Highland Way once. The Swiss couple had stopped among the devastation of a recently cleared plantation when I caught up with them. They asked me if there had been a disaster. I had to tell them, no. This is how they do forestry here  😦

I believe most of those who whine about keeping the land ‘pristine’ (i.e. as it is) are either deeply ignorant or making a lot of money out of it.

I long to see the Highlands cooried in real, living, native woodland again. As I’ve seen in Norway, Poland, Germany… everywhere else in fact!

By the way, this is one of the reasons I’m #stillYES. I want to see a Scotland where the land belongs to the nation – and I’ll be fighting for the establishment of real wilderness areas then. You know, places for plants to grow where and how they like and where creatures get to eat them (or each other) if the want!

Ok, rant over… for now.

Rannoch Moor – gorgeous but fairly lifeless

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