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Recipe – chocolate peanut butter bliss balls

Oh. My. Goodness.

Have you discovered bliss balls yet? I just made these amazing, tasty wee chocolate balls in about 10 minutes flat. They’re super yummy but contain only good things (mostly).

I started with this excellent recipe from Play Bake Smile but, as is usual for me, didn’t quite have all the necessary ingredients. I’d rather not have added any sugariness but since I had only 7 dates left, instead of the 12 called for, I decided to drop in a scant spoonful of golden syrup (the only suitable thing I had in the cupboard). Also, when my mixture seemed too dry I added coconut milk til it reached the correct consistency.

Here’s my variation of the recipe…

  • ¾ cup roasted, salted almonds and cashews
  • 1 tbs cocoa powder
  • 7 pitted dates
  • 2 tbs peanut butter
  • 1 tbs golden syrup (honey would be better)
  • Koko coconut milk as required

Pile all ingredients (except the coconut milk) into a food processor and whisk it up to a fine paste. If required, add coconut milk as necessary.

Spoon out small portions of the paste and roll into balls. This mixture made 14 bliss balls.

They have a glorious deep chocolatey taste, mixed with the peanut butter to give a real joyjoy kick. Yummy!

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