Books read in 2016 – no.18 The Monarch Of The Glen by Compton Mackenzie

The Monarch Of The Glen by Compton Mackenzie
Published 1945 by British Publishers Guild (first published 1941)

This isn’t quite such a romp as the wonderful ‘Whisky Galore’ but I very much enjoyed the gentle satire in this book.

It’s surprising/depressing to learn that Scotland’s political landscape hasn’t changed that much in the 75 years since this book was published. The land is still owned by a minority, the folk with power still think what’s best for them is all that matters… and Scottish Nationalists are still, earnestly trying to do their very best for Scotland. It is very gentle satire though. Everyone (except the hikers) comes out of it relatively well.

Mackenzie’s depiction of the Highland locals is reminiscent of those in ‘Whisky Galore’. Apparently placid, backward bumpkins who really just move at their own pace and can totally get stuff done when required. I was particularly amused by the Laird’s abysmal attempts at Gaelic (‘half luke’ instead of ‘tha i fliuch’) Obh obh!

So, a nice wee book. Gentle and amusing.

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