#30DaysWild – To the rescue!

I saved another bee today… I hope.

Walking down the High Street I noticed the poor wee thing sitting on the pavement. She was outside a tartan-tat shop with ugly plastic roses at the door. I guessed she’d wasted energy trying to harvest those faux-flowers.

Anyway, at first I sadly passed her by since I was in the city – and at work – so had nowhere to take her nor anything to feed her. However, just down the nearest close I spotted a scrubby little wildflower bursting from a crack in a wall. I stepped back and scooped the wee bee-girl up, took her down the close and popped her on a yellow flower. I hoped she’d get a rest and a bit of nectar there.

When I came back that way a little later she was nowhere in sight. I hope that was a good sign.TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15


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