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Dönerstag #geocaching

The world is an increasingly scary place. The future is worrying and uncertain for us all… But, in the midst of all this darkness, I have learned that for the last 10 years German geocachers have come together on the Thursday before Easter to eat döner kababs… for no apparent reason! That pleases me greatly.

Donnerstag is the German word for Thursday so eating kebabs on that day makes it a bit of a pun… weak I know but all puns are bad puns IMO. My wee bit of research suggests the chosen Thursday is the one before Easter each year but I’m not certain of that and I don’t yet know the reason…for any of it. If German geocachers can enlighten me I’d be grateful.

They even seem to have created a weird wee Dönerstag creature, simultaneously cute and horrifying.

I was there… and it was delicious

I recently picked up some finds in Germany (only my 2nd caching-country outside Scotland). I had super fun but the weather was dismal and grey so my pics aren’t really worth posting. However, I’d like to send a big DANKE SCHÖN to the cache-placers of Berlin. I spent a few happy hours scurrying round the Tiergarten and burrowing through the shrubbery. As I said, super fun!


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