Ponies in the woods

100 day geochache challenge – Day2
cache: Wallace Stone

A stone commemorating William Wallace. I’ve lived in West Lothian all my life and didn’t know this was here! The wonders of geocaching

I parked in a handy wee turn-off and passed some ponies on the way to the cache site. I also did a spot of CITO (cache in trash out) while I was at it.

This is the info I have about the stone:

The Wallace stone was erected in memory of William Wallace by the 11th Earl of Buchan, David Stewart Erskine, and his wife Margaret Fraser, who owned the estate then. This was the same man who created a model of the solar system on his estate [which] has been recreated recently over the county [of] West Lothian…

William Wallace was said to have hunted Drumshoreland Moss when he was looking for King Edward who was encamped at Kirkliston, just before the Battle of Falkirk in 1298. The stone bears an inscription in Latin dedicating it to Wallace and the date 15th October 1784. It may be the earliest surviving memorial in Scotland dedicated to Wallace. The stone is one of a pair; the other stone, which is more easily seen, is in the park and is dedicated to Sir Simon Fraser, ancestor of Margaret Fraser, who fought with Robert the Bruce.



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